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About Sophia's Hearth


Sophia was our first cavalier. Karen chose to adopt a puppy rather than have another child. From day one, Sophie was loved and cherished as part of the family. Our love for Sophie led to the desire to raise cavalier puppies. 

Karen has been raising and training cavalier puppies for 20 years. She is able to give the dogs and puppies her full attention, as this is her full time occupation. Health, temperament and conformation are our primary objectives.

Close attention is given to our puppies to ensure a healthy and well adjusted litter. This begins with healthy, well adjusted parents. Our breeding adults are health tested and OFA certified. Our expecting mothers are fed a high quality diet, along with supplements. Birthing is always supervised to ensure safety of both mother and puppies. At birth the puppies weight is recorded. Feedings are monitored to ensure steady growth. The puppies are raised in our home, not in a kennel. Puppies are kept clean, warm and safe in their whelping box. At 4 weeks old they are introduced to a puppy playpen in our living area. Potty training begins with pee pads, a wood pellet litter box and supervised trips outdoors, weather permitting.

Every day they are given love and attention to help develop a friendly personality and gain social skills. 

Sophia's Hearth is located in Tucson, Arizona. Karen lives here with her husband, Chris. They have three grown children; Jessica, Jakob and Kaehla. Below are some pictures of us, our dogs and puppies. Thanks for visiting our website!

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