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Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee:



Sophia’s Hearth Cavaliers

Tucson, AZ 


Cavalier King Charles puppy of following description:


Birth Date:

AKC registration #





Call name:


The buyer and seller stated above agree to the following terms:

  1. This puppy/dog is a purebred cavalier king Charles spaniel.

  2. The puppy/dog is registerable with the AKC.

  3. The puppy/dog's sire and dam are both OFA certified as free of congenital cardiac disease.

  4. The registered name will be chosen by the buyer.

  5. AKC Registration application papers will be given at time of transfer of puppy.

  6. The registration is limited. This puppy is sold as a companion/pet only. Puppies sold on limited registration may not be shown in AKC conformation shows or be bred. 

  7. The purchase price of this puppy/dog is $____. A deposit in the amount of $____ was received on ________. Remaining balance of full payment will be received before transfer of puppy is made.

  8. The puppy/dog is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale and has had immunizations enumerated in the attached health record. If a puppy leaves for a new home prior to completion of his/her inoculations, it is necessary for the purchaser to complete the scheduled series on time in order to protect the puppy, and for the health guarantee to remain valid. Please consider that until your puppy has had his/her full scheduled inoculations, the puppy is susceptible to certain illnesses, and therefore should be kept out of areas where contamination is possible (dog parks and other public spaces).

  9. The purchase amount will be refunded if the buyer furnishes the seller with a veterinary certificate dated within 7 days of transfer indicating that the puppy/dog is unwell/unsound and returned within 14 days. Cause of unwellness must not be due to accident/injury/ingestion of foreign substance since the time the buyer has taken possession. Contract, AKC registration papers and vaccination record must be returned with the puppy. The Seller will reimburse no veterinary or shipping costs.

  10. If within the first one year of age your puppy is found to have a congenital health defect by a licensed veterinarian, the puppy/dog will be replaced with puppy/dog of the same gender and color. A detailed letter of explanation given by the veterinarian, AKC paperwork and veterinarian records must accompany puppy for replacement to be given. If no replacement puppy is available within three months after seller receives defective puppy and paperwork described above, full refund will be given. All veterinarian expenses incurred to diagnose and or repair the defect will be at the buyer’s expense.

  11. The buyer agrees to maintain the puppy/dog’s health with yearly vaccinations and other health care requirements as specified by their veterinarian.

  12. A puppy purchased as a pet must be spayed/neutered before nine months of age. At no time are they to be bred.

  13. The puppy/dog’s sire and dam are both OFA certified as free of congenital cardiac disease.

  14. If at any time the buyer is unable to keep or care for the puppy/dog, it must be returned to the seller and no one else. The puppy/dog may not be transferred or sold by the buyer. The seller will endeavor to place any returned puppy/dog as advantageously as possible. If a purchase price is obtained for the puppy/dog, it will be refunded to the original buyer, less any costs of placement and only up to the amount paid. If the puppy/dog is placed free of charge, no money will be returned to the original buyer. No veterinary or other costs of keeping the puppy/dog, or any other costs incurred by the buyer resulting from his/her ownership of the puppy/dog, will be paid by the seller to the original buyer of the puppy/dog under any circumstances.

  15. If the seller determines that the puppy/dog has been mentally or physically mistreated, the seller has the right to take full possession of the dog, and its duly signed AKC transfer papers/registration, without compensation. Under such circumstances, all warranties are then VOID. No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated above.

Signed by the seller: __________________________

Date: __________________

Signed by the buyer: __________________________

Date: __________________

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